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With paint protection film, you can say goodbye to light scratches & swirls, rock chips & road grime, and UV rays that fade your paint. Backed by our lifetime warranty!

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How long does paint protection film last?

With the improvements in PPF technology, we can now install a film that lasts for up to ten years.

Does paint protection film have a warranty?

Our PPF has warranty against bubbling, defects or weather damages occurring after install. Aak a team member for more info.

How Do I Maintain My Paint Protection Film?

The life of your paint protection film can be extended by hand washing frequently and avoiding traditional car washes.

What Are The Advantages of PPF?

PPF has the ability to keep your vehicle looking new and prevent environmental damage.

our paint protection film packages


- Front Bumper
- Partial Hood
- Partial Front Fenders
- Mirrors

Your car deserves the best protection against damage from flying rocks and pebbles. Your hood and front bumper are the first areas to take abuse during driving, so it's crucial for them to be covered with a high-quality Paint Protection FIlm that stands up better than regular clearcoat.


- Front Bumper
- Full Hood
- Full Front Fenders
- Mirrors
- Headlights

Our Full Front Protection Package defends your vehicle’s paintwork against any debris that makes abrasive contact while driving. Our team of professionals provides you with peace of mind to ensure no scratches or blemishes will ruin your car's present day and future values.


- Full Body Panels
- Wrapped Edges
- Mirrors
- Headlights
- Tail Lights

Looking for car protection from front to back? We've got it! Our Full Vehicle Paint Protection Film Package safeguards your vehicle's paintwork from the front impact area to the back bumper and everything in between.

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as clear bra, is a thin layer of flexible, transparent material applied to the surface of a car or other vehicle. It's designed to protect the paintwork from scratches, chips, and minor cosmetic damage caused by everyday wear and tear

Does Paint Protection Film affect the appearance of my car?

High-quality Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible once applied. It does not alter the appearance of your car; instead, it preserves the original paintwork and enhances its glossiness. However, poorly installed or low-quality film might have visible seams or distort the color slightly.

How long does Paint Protection Film last?

The lifespan of Paint Protection Film can vary depending on the quality of the film, the environmental conditions, and how well it's maintained. On average, a high-quality film should last between five to ten years. Most manufacturers also offer a warranty for their films.

Can Paint Protection Film be removed?

Yes, PPF can be professionally removed without damaging the underlying paint. It's advisable to have a professional remove the film to avoid any potential damage.

How do I care for my car after Paint Protection Film is applied?

After Paint Protection Film is applied, you should wait a few days before washing your car to allow the film to fully cure. After that, you can wash and wax your car as you normally would. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the film. Regular cleaning helps maintain the film's clarity and effectiveness.

Does Paint Protection Film protect against all types of damage?

Paint Protection Film is designed to protect against minor chips, scratches, and stains. It's particularly effective against damage caused by gravel, road debris, and bird droppings. However, it won't protect against more significant damage such as large dents or collisions.

What parts of my car can be covered with Paint Protection Film?

While it's most common to apply Paint Protection Film to the front of the car (including the hood, fenders, and front bumper), it can be applied to any part of the car's exterior. Many people choose to apply it to high-impact areas such as side mirrors, wheel arches, and the rear bumper.

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